What is Ariel
Ariel has the following features:

Simple to set up
There is no need to invest a lot of time learning how to set up the system or paying for outside consultants for installation.

Simple to learn
New, non IT expert, possibly part time staff can easily master the system.

Able to record your relationship with that contact (e.g. donor, member etc).

Able to record relationships with between third parties. For example you can set up a youth volunteer as one contact, his or her parents as another contact and link them together.

Manage production of mail shots,  mailing labels and reports

Ownership of your data
Your data is held on your systems (unlike on a web based system). Your data is held in an industry standard form (“mdb”) and can be easily exported into Excel.

Multi-user, multi database
More than one operator can work on Ariel at any one time. Ariel can support more than one database.

Built in security
Each operator has to have a login name and password. Only the “Adminstrator” can make changes to the system. An audit trail is made of any changes made.

Tailoring service
I will consider tailoring the Ariel to meet your precise requirements.

Ariel was originally designed to manage the contact database for a charity supporting missionaries in the Philippines.

System requirements
Ariel can be installed on any PC running:
i) Windows XP service pack 2 or later
ii) Windows Vista
iii) Windows 7